Clinical Supervision

Sara Notenboom RP, Founder

I provide clinical supervision and consultation to those new to the profession of Psychotherapy, or to established practicing professionals who are seeking supervision for their clinical practice.

My qualifications meet the current supervisory standards set forth by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). As such, I may be able to support you as you seek to meet the requirements for independent practice with the CRPO, or to simply work with you as a partner in helping to ensure the best quality therapeutic care for your clients.

Similar to my therapeutic practice, I center my supervisory practice on the tenets of Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Mindfulness based practices. Like my therapeutic approach, my supervisory approach is also trauma-informed, rooted in the principles of Attachment Theory, and person-centered.

I regard the supervisory relationship as one that must be informed by a sense of safety, accountability, and collaboration. I recognize that growing one’s clinical skills can be a vulnerable process. As such, I will always strive to create a space in which you feel safe to be vulnerable, imperfect, and ask questions (yes, even the ones that you think might be silly!) I truly believe that the only way to build clinical competency is to maintain a supervisory relationship that is rooted in a sense of unwavering acceptance, and compassion. Learning and growth are inherently vulnerable processes, and my primary intention as your supervisor is to hold space for all the parts of you that require attention and care as you develop yourself as a therapist.

I offer both group and individual supervision.

Group Supervision is offered via a secure video conferencing platform. The fee for group supervision is $106.20 + HST ($120 inclusive) per 2 hour meeting. Group supervision is offered on a monthly basis, but is subject to change depending on demand.

Individual Supervision is offered both in person and via a secure video conferencing platform. The fee for individual supervision is $123.89 + HST ($140.00 inclusive) per 1 hour meeting.

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