Couples Therapy

At the Sacred Self Wellness Collective, we are committed to enhancing the well-being of couples through our comprehensive couples therapy services. Our experienced and empathetic therapists are dedicated to helping partners strengthen their bond, improve communication, and navigate challenges together.

Couples therapy is a collaborative process that provides a safe and supportive space for you and your partner to explore feelings, express concerns, and gain deeper insights into your relationship dynamic. Our approach is rooted in evidence-based techniques and tailored to meet the unique needs of each partner.

In the initial sessions, we work to establish trust and rapport, encouraging open communication and active listening. Our therapists facilitate constructive conversations, enabling you and your partner to address underlying issues and discover effective ways to resolve conflicts.

Through the process of therapy, you can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and emotional needs. We equip you with practical skills to communicate effectively, manage conflicts, and build a stronger emotional connection.

Our couples therapy focuses not only on addressing immediate concerns but also on fostering long-term relationship satisfaction. We empower you to rediscover your love and commitment, reignite passion, and work towards shared goals.

Whether you’re experiencing communication breakdowns, intimacy issues, trust concerns, or any other challenges, our couples therapists are dedicated to helping you find renewed hope and happiness in your relationship. With our guidance and support, you can embark on a journey of growth and create a more fulfilling and loving partnership.

Couples Therapists

Sheena Jones

Couples Therapist MA, RP

Reduced Fee Therapy

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