Sara Notenboom

Validation: The Key to Cultivating Safe Relationships

To validate someone is to enter their world, and acknowledge their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, bearing in mind their context and life experiences. To validate someone is to reflect back their experience with empathy, understanding, and compassion. It is to show them that their feelings, thoughts and reactions make sense in their present and past […]

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Embrace You

May you always remember the fleeting and sacred nature of this life.  May you always revel in this moment, remembering to take pause, and observe all that is right here, right now, as to fully envelop yourself in its magic. May you give yourself permission to embrace yourself fully and completely. Without doubt. Without apology.

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Self-compassion. Because it lies at the root of self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness because we are imperfect, beautifully flawed beings who do and say things we regret. Because mistakes are inevitable part of this journey. Because mistakes should never be a life sentence. Because we are human and we weren’t born to be perfect. Because perfect is unattainable

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Reduced Fee Therapy

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